Maintenance and upkeep of SP submersible pump


Apr 03,2024

Maintenance and upkeep of SP submersible pump

The SP (R) submersible slurry pump is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump, suitable for transporting corrosive and corrosive slurries.

The pump generally works when immersed in a pool or pit. Submersible pumps are divided into SP type and SPR type. They have the same structure. The SP type flow parts and shaft are made of metal and are suitable for conveying abrasive slurry. SPR type flow parts and bushings are made of corrosion-resistant rubber and are suitable for transporting corrosive slurry. SP(R) type submersible slurry pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other departments.


The pump construction is rugged and when assembled and installed correctly, the slurry pump has a long life and requires minimal maintenance.


(a), Slurry pump impeller adjustment (installation)

There are no specific regulations for impeller adjustment of submersible pumps.

When the impeller and casing are worn to such an extent that the performance and efficiency of the pump are severely altered, any worn parts will need to be replaced.

(b) Lubrication of slurry pump bearings

Correct assembly and oiling before assembly (see Bearing Assembly). It can prevent water or other foreign substances from entering the inside of the bearing, which can extend the service life of the bearing.

Maintenance personnel must use good judgment to open the bearing body at certain intervals (no more than 12 months), check the bearings and lubricating oil, and by then, determine how long the next maintenance will take.

If necessary, lubricating oil should be added regularly, through the lubricating oil nozzle provided on the bearing body. Regular small amounts of lubricating oil are superior to large amounts of lubricating oil every long period of time. Never over-oil bearings. It is also recommended to use clean lubricating oil.

(c) Replacement of wear parts of slurry pump

The wear rate of liquid transfer pumps is related to the working conditions of the pump and the abrasiveness of the pumped medium. Therefore, the service life of wear parts such as impellers, pump bodies, etc. varies depending on the pump and installation conditions.

When the operation of the pump no longer meets the specific performance requirements of the pump, the worn parts must be replaced.

If the pump is used under specific working conditions for the first time, especially if the wear-bearing parts are damaged, which will have serious consequences, it is recommended to check the parts at certain intervals after starting the pump and estimate their wear degree in order to determine the service life of the parts. .

For the assembly of new wear parts, see the relevant paragraphs of this manual.

(d), Backup pump

When the standby pumps are idle for a long time, it is recommended to turn their shafts by hand 1/4 turn once a week. In this way, all the bearing body balls can be loaded in sequence.