Summary of precautions during the operation of gravel pump


Apr 03,2024

Summary of precautions during the operation of gravel pump

The gravel pump is mainly used for the continuous transportation of highly abrasive materials whose particles are too large to be transported by ordinary slurry pumps. It is suitable for dredging, sucking gravel, dredging rivers, mining and metal smelting explosive slag transportation, etc.

     So what are the precautions for gravel pumps in actual work?

     1. Before use or after every month of use, an electrician should be asked to check that the insulation resistance is qualified and that the wiring installation meets the requirements.

     2. The leakage protector should be inspected and tested at least once a week. If it fails during the inspection or use, it should be replaced in time.

     3The starting of the mortar pump should be timely contacted with the upper and lower processes. The suction drum packing should not be too tight or too loose when tightening the screws.

     4It is prohibited to touch the mortar pump with your hands or directly use the wires of the mortar pump to pull, pull or lift its body when it is closed and powered to prevent the wires from loosening and the metal shell becoming electrified.

     5Protective equipment must be worn when operating a mortar pump.

     6. Follow the general safe operating procedures for electrical porcelain workers.

     7. The mortar pump must be used and managed by dedicated personnel, and the power supply must be cut off after get off work.

     The above are the precautions that slurry pump manufacturer Ruite Pump Industry will share with you when working with gravel pumps.