Submersible Slurry Pump Application Guide


Mar 27,2024

Submersible Slurry Pump Application Guide

Submersible Slurry Pump Application Guide

Definition of submersible slurry pump
As the name suggests, the submersible slurry pump is a slurry pump that works below the liquid surface. It is also called a submersible sand pump, a submersible sand suction pump, a submersible slag pump, a submersible sand discharge pump, etc.

The submersible slurry pump combines the characteristics of the submersible sewage pump and the slurry pump and is redesigned to make its overflow design and physical characteristics more suitable for transporting abrasive slurries, which is something that a submersible sewage pump cannot do because Sewage pumps are mainly used to transport sewage or non-abrasive liquids, such as rainwater.


In which industries are submersible slurry pumps mainly used?

1. From the nickname of the submersible slurry pump, we can see that it is mostly used in sand pumping and sand suction processes. For example, it is very convenient to use this kind of pump in sand mining operations in rivers, lakes and seas;

2. The coal washing process is increasingly recognized by Chinese enterprises. In the past, people were more accustomed to using vertical submersible slurry pumps. However, due to the limitations of the pit and liquid depth, it was inconvenient to apply. For example, the submersible exceeds Above 2 meters, the performance of a vertical submersible slurry pump will be greatly reduced, leading to unstable operation and other faults. The immersion depth of ordinary submersible slurry pumps can reach 25 meters, and the depth of high-pressure submersible slurry pumps is even more Up to 120 meters;

3. There are many applications for temporary work in the field. Because of the operating characteristics of the submersible slurry pump, it does not require too many installation support devices during operation. It is very convenient and flexible. It can even be said to be used and installed as long as there is a hanging point. Therefore, submersible slurry pump blades have unique advantages in many field operations.


The difference between vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump

1. The working position is different. The vertical slurry pump is partially immersed in the pit and cannot be completely immersed in the liquid surface. The submersible slurry pump can be completely immersed (including the motor part) below the liquid surface;

2. The motor of the vertical slurry pump can be an ordinary vertical motor and does not need to be waterproof. The motor shaft and pump shaft of the submersible slurry pump are coaxial. The motor must be waterproof and sealed. The motor and pump can be immersed in the liquid at the same time. ;

3. The vertical slurry pump is an early product, and the submersible slurry pump is an emerging product newly developed according to market demand;

4. In practical applications, submersible slurry pumps have developed rapidly due to their unique advantages. Vertical slurry pumps need to be fixedly installed when used, while submersible slurry pumps do not need to be used and can be used directly by immersing them in, which is convenient and flexible.