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SAZP ceramic slurry pump

SAZP ceramic slurry pump series is suitable for conveying corrosive and abrasive slurry containing solid particles in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, such as ash and slag conveying in power plants, coal slime conveying, slurry conveying in metallurgical beneficiation plants, coal slime and heavy medium conveying in coal washing plants, etc. The maximum weight concentration of solid-liquid mixture of ceramic slurry pump is 45% mortar and 60% slurry. The product has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, high reliability and long service life.


陶瓷渣浆泵 SAZP


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    Ceramic slurry pump is a kind of pump equipment specially used for conveying slurry medium containing solid particles. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other industries in the slurry conveying system, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high efficiency and energy saving. Mining

    The use of ceramic materials as key components improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the pump, thereby extending the service life of the pump and reducing maintenance costs.

    As a kind of high efficiency, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pump equipment, ceramic slurry pump has a wide range of application prospects in mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. Through the in-depth understanding of its structural characteristics, working principle, performance parameters and application scope, we can better select and use ceramic slurry pumps, and provide strong support for the production and development of enterprises.

    Structural features

    Ceramic slurry pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, shaft, bearing, sealing device and other components. Among them, the pump body and impeller are the core components of the ceramic slurry pump, using high-strength, high wear-resistant ceramic

    Made of material. Ceramic materials have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can effectively resist the wear and corrosion of the solid particles in the slurry to the pump body. The pump body usually adopts a segmented structure for easy installation and maintenance. The impeller adopts open or semi-open structure, which can be carried out according to the characteristics of the conveying medium

    Optimize the design to improve the efficiency and head of the pump. The shaft and bearings are made of high-strength materials, which can withstand large radial and axial loads to ensure the stable operation of the pump. The sealing device adopts mechanical seal or packing seal to ensure that the medium inside the pump body does not leak.

    Model meaning


    Advantages of ceramic slurry pump

    1. The seal adopts the popular sealing method in the mineral processing industry: the auxiliary impeller packing seal.

    2. The overcurrent components are made of new ceramic materials with high hardness and good wear resistance, and the life span is 3-5 times that of metal.

    3. Ceramic materials with good wear resistance are used inside the water outlet vertebral canal.

    4. Ceramic slurry pump subverts the structure of traditional metal slurry pump: it adopts split pump head structure, simple structure and convenient installation.

    5, bearing lubrication: the use of grease lubrication technology, changed the traditional slurry pump thin oil lubrication leakage problem.

    6. Complete models: A wide range of models are available, the parameter coverage flow rate can reach 200 0m3, the lift can reach 120m, and the overall installation size and accessories can be interchanged with the metal slurry pump.

    Structure Description

    1, the pump flow parts for the pump body, impeller, pump cover lining or integral core design, and fluid medium contact parts are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant ceramic materials;

    2. The axial adjustment structure is adopted, which can easily adjust the impeller axially and maintain the gap between the impeller and the front cover, thereby maintaining the high efficiency of the pump;

    3. The arrangement of the pump is a "back-pull" structure, so that when the impeller, mechanical seal and shaft assembly are disassembled, there is no need to disassemble the pump's inlet and outlet pipelines, which is convenient for maintenance;

    4. The pump shaft has a large diameter and a short shaft head, which can reduce the deflection of the shaft during operation and extend the service life of the seal.

    5. The bearing is lubricated with thin oil. The bearing is installed in a detachable bearing box. The bearing is added with a round shaft with rubber seal to prevent dirt and water from entering.

    6. All parts of the pump in contact with the medium are made of silicon carbide ceramics, which are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to ensure the long service life of the pump;
    7. Designed with an axial adjustment device, which can adjust the flow components axially, and always keep the system running at an efficient point;

    8. A large conical space is designed between the impeller and the pump cover, which can effectively prevent the solid medium from entering the shaft seal and prolong the life of the shaft seal;

    9. The shaft adopts rigid design, and the bearing adopts roller bearing and radial thrust bearing, which can bear large radial force and ensure the stable operation of transmission parts.

    Transmission mode