Double suction pump operation safety guide: details determine efficiency and lifespan


May 16,2024

Double suction pump operation safety guide: details determine efficiency and lifespan

In the field of industrial fluid transportation, double suction pumps have become the choice of many enterprises due to their efficient and stable characteristics. However, proper use and maintenance are key to ensuring the long-term efficient operation of double suction pumps. The following are several important precautions to be taken when using a double suction pump, aimed at helping operators avoid common errors, extend equipment life, and ensure production safety.

**1Preparation work before installation**

Before installing the double suction pump, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect the pump body to ensure that there is no damage during transportation. At the same time, suitable installation positions should be selected based on the size and weight of the pump to ensure a stable foundation that can withstand the operating vibration of the pump. In addition, the design of the inlet and outlet pipelines should avoid excessively long horizontal pipelines to reduce fluid resistance and ensure that the pipeline is firmly supported to prevent pump body deformation caused by pipeline weight.

**2Start and stop operations**

Before starting the double suction pump, check if there is enough lubricating oil inside the pump and ensure that the rotation direction of the pump is consistent with the marked direction. When starting, the outlet valve should be slowly opened to avoid pump damage caused by sudden high flow. When shutting down, the outlet valve should be closed first, and then the pump should be stopped to prevent liquid backflow inside the pump from causing pump reversal.

**3Daily maintenance and inspection**

Regular maintenance of the double suction pump is the key to ensuring its performance. Regular checks should be conducted on bearing temperature, lubricating oil quality and oil level, as well as the wear of seals. For pumps that operate for a long time, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection every quarter, including the inspection of the impeller, shaft seal, and coupling, as well as the cleaning of the inside of the pump body.

**4Pay attention to the control of flow and pressure**

The flow rate and pressure of the double suction pump should operate within its design range. Excessive pressure or flow rate can cause pump overload and shorten its service life. Therefore, the operating parameters of the pump should be adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and if necessary, flow meters and pressure gauges should be installed to monitor the pump's operating status in real time.

**5Prevent foreign objects from entering the pump body**

Installing a filter at the inlet of the pump can effectively prevent solid particles and other foreign objects from entering the pump body, causing damage to the impeller and seals. Regularly cleaning the filter to maintain its good filtering effect is an important measure to prevent internal damage to the pump body.

The correct use and maintenance of double suction pumps are not only related to production efficiency, but also to the safety of operators. By following the above usage precautions, enterprises can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the double suction pump, while extending the service life of the equipment and bringing greater economic benefits to the enterprise. We call on all enterprises using double suction pumps to pay attention to these details and work together to maintain a safe and efficient working environment.