Sealing technology for slurry pump


May 10,2024

Sealing technology for slurry pump

Sealing technology for slurry pump:


Sealing technology is closely related to the operational reliability of slurry pumps.


In order to prevent valuable slurry leakage losses, toxic slurry pollution of the environment, and the creation of clean factories, the sealing technology requirements for slurry pumps are also increasing.


Therefore, the previously used packing seals are no longer able to meet the requirements, and it is necessary to develop new sealing technologies with high reliability.


The new sealing technologies for slurry pumps mainly include fluid dynamic sealing and containerized mechanical sealing. The former mainly achieves sealing function through the pressure generated by the auxiliary impeller during pump operation and the auxiliary blades designed on the outer side of the impeller cover plate;


The latter not only improves the reliability of sealing, but also brings great convenience to the installation and disassembly of sealing components.


The three sealing forms of slurry pumps: packing seal, power seal, and mechanical seal all have their own characteristics and advantages