Causes and Measures for Overheating of Slurry Pump Motor


Dec 15,2023

Cause and measures of motor overheating

Causes and Measures for Overheating of Slurry Pump Motor

Cause and measures of motor overheating


Power supply reasons: The voltage of the slurry pump is too high or too low. Under a specific load, if the voltage variation range should be beyond +10% to -5% of the rated value, it will cause the motor to overheat; the three-phase voltage of the power supply is asymmetrical , The imbalance between the three-phase voltages of the power supply exceeds 5%, which will cause the windings to overheat; during phase-lack operation, experience shows that 85% of agricultural motors are burned out.


Measure:Install phase loss protection device on motor.


Reasons for the water pump: the power is not matched, the small horse pulls the cart, the motor is overloaded for a long time, causing the motor temperature to be too high; the motor is started too frequently. The motor is rated for short-time or intermittent work and works continuously.


Measure:The number of starts should be limited, thermal protection should be selected correctly, and used according to the rated rating calibrated on the motor.


Causes of the motor itself: Wrong connection, mistakenly connecting the shape into a Y shape, which causes the temperature of the motor to rise rapidly; the stator winding has a short circuit between phases, a short circuit between turns or partial grounding. In the mild case, the motor is locally overheated, and in severe cases, the insulation is burned out. ; The squirrel cage rotor is broken or defective, the motor runs for 1 to 2 hours, and the iron core temperature rises rapidly; the ventilation system fails.


Measure:You should check whether the fan is damaged, whether the direction of rotation is correct, whether the ventilation holes of the slurry pump are blocked, and whether the bearings are worn. The eccentric sweep of the rotor causes the stator and rotor cores to rub against each other and make a metal impact sound. The temperature of the core rises rapidly. In severe cases, the motor smokes, or even The coil is burned out


Reasons related to the working environment: The motor windings are affected by moisture or dust, oil, etc. adhere to the windings, resulting in reduced insulation.


Measure:The insulation resistance of the motor should be measured and cleaned and dried; the ambient temperature is too high. When the ambient temperature exceeds 35°C, the inlet air temperature will be high, which will cause the temperature of the motor to be too high, so efforts should be made to improve the working environment. Such as setting up a shed to provide shade, etc.